Real Estate

Many of our clients have asked us if they could also sell property through Scheffer, and we can finally answer this question with: YES! rom now on it is possible to offer your property for sale through our real estate team at Scheffer Real Estate. We have listened to our clients and consider this service a logic addition to our current purchase and mortgage advice services. With the new services provided by Scheffer Real Estate, our experienced specialists are ready to ensure a smooth selling process for your property.

Sale of Your Property

Scheffer Real Estate not only guides you through the process of buying a property, but now also offers you the possibility to sell your property with the help of our experienced experts. For years, our clients were asking if we could also sell property for them, and that is now finally a reality. We have 17 years of experience in buying and financing property, so the selling of property is a logical addition to our services. To provide you with a full-service package, you can now also sell property through our real estate team at Scheffer Real Estate.

What we do for you:

  • Valuation of your property
  • Determining the asking price
  • Professional photos of your property
  • Preparing a floor plan
  • List your property on Funda, our own website and other online channels
  • Schedule viewings
  • Negotiate with potential buyers
  • Inform and plan appointments with the notary
  • Check the bill of settlement and the transfer did

What distinguishes Scheffer Real Estate? We will provide you with the highest level of service, just like you are used to from Scheffer.
Selling your property brings with it a little bit of adventure and excitement. We will help you with the entire process, starting from the first decision to offer your property on the market, then using photography and the right text in the sales brochure and on online platforms and channels to find the right buyer and finally negotiate the best possible selling price, which will lead to the signing of the purchase agreement. We will take care of all of the above for a competitive and transparent fee. That is why you will want to use Scheffer Real Estate for the sale of your property.

Purchasing Services

Scheffer Real Estate offers you a different kind of service if you are looking to buy property. We do not provide help with searching for, viewing and comparing properties, but give you advice and help you with the negotiations when you have found the property you would like to buy. Our purchasing services are only available in combination with our mortgage advice.

What we do for you:

  • We advise you on the price, location and other important matters
  • We check the documents
  • We make an offer on your behalf and negotiate with the selling party‚Äôs real estate agent
  • As soon as the deal has been brokered, we assist you with all the follow-up steps

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