At Scheffer Insurances & Mortgages finding the right mortgage is a carefree process. We provide independent and reliable mortgage advice, based on your complete financial situation.

Independent mortgage advisor

Scheffer Insurances & Mortgages can advise you about a mortgage for a new house, but also about your current mortgage. Our brokers will work with you to find the best solution, both for your current and your future situation. In this process, our independent position is of great value, because it means you can choose from a wide array of mortgage lenders and types of mortgages.

Why Scheffer Insurances & Mortgages?

Our support goes beyond just the mortgage itself: for us, it is part of a complete financial planning process. We make life easier for you by offering the following benefits:

  • Free exploratory talk.
  • Expert advice by an independent, accredited mortgage and financial advisor.
  • Low interest because of our wide variety of mortgages. Among others, we work with ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, Robuust, Aegon, ASR, bijBouwe, BLG Wonen, Centraal Beheer, Florius, Hypotrust, ING, IQWoon, Lloyds, MUNT, Nationale Nederlanden, NIBC Direct, Syntrus and Woonfonds.
  • Plan an appointment with the notary office and instruct them about the details.
  • Arrange for an appraisal and, where necessary, a structural survey.
  • Check the notarial documents.
  • File your income tax return and the provisional tax refund application.

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